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Central America with the ultimate travel lens  – our review of the Fuji 27mm f2.8 WR

When Fujifilm the release of the Fuji 27mm f2.8 WR in 2021, it was perhaps the most predictable announcement they could have made. With the continuous, almost cult-like success of the X100 line of compacts, their interchangeable-lens cameras were calling out for a...

The Costa Brava’s GR 92 trail on film – hiking with the Nikonos V

Over Christmas last year, my sister and I hiked on the GR 92 trail on Catalonia’s Costa Brava. Here’s some 35mm film photos I took along the way.

Photography on an active volcano: Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego and Acatenango hike

While hiking an active volcano isn’t a common photography bucket list item, Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego and Acatenango prove that it should be. In this guide, we’ll cover the details of hiking and photographing these incredible volcanoes.

A Photographer’s Travel Guide to the Philippines

Think of photography in the Philippines and you’ll likely think of white-sand beaches and limestone cliffs. Here, we discuss the under-explored beauty of the Philippines.

The Olympus Trip 35 – Taking a true icon of travel photography to Turin

The Olympus Trip 35 can undoubtedly be seen as one of the original 35mm travel photography cameras. We took the Trip 35 to Turin to test how well it has stood the test of time.

A Photographer’s Travel Guide to Jordan [updated for 2024]

Jordan is a country you will find on many travel photographers’ bucket lists. I took my Fujifilm X70 on a trip around Jordan to see the photography spots this beautiful country has to offer.